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The Inside Tips and Tricks from the ilovefashionbloggers Q&A event!

May 27, 2014


In my opinion sharing is caring so today I’m writing an article about a blogger event I went to last Saturday. The blogger event was hosted by ilovefashionbloggers with 3 Dutch top bloggers ‘’Negin Mirsalehi, Yara Michels and Linda Tol’’ and more insiders from the fashion industry. Since I’ve only been blogging for a few months I was in need for some good advice and tips how to become ‘’bigger and better’’ in my job as a fashionblogger.  


Not only was this event so inspiring and educative but also really fun, the location of the event was the nhow hotel in Rotterdam, it is a gorgeous modern hotel with a breath taking view. When we arrived we gathered in a room where you could enjoy a few drinks and fashionable delicious bites before it started. In the pictures I’ve posted you’ll see more about what the event was like so let’s get back to the tips.

What I was struggling with is ‘’where do you begin? How will I lead more traffic to my blog? How will I get more followers on social media? And how will I make money with my blog?’’. These where all questions that were addressed at the event by fashionbloggers, the founder of ilovefashionbloggers, a PR agency Press Only , an ambassador from Olympus and Senanga/Loavies! When you start your blog (in my opinion) it is so important that you do it out of passion for something. A blog is a way of sharing something you are truly passionate about with the rest of the world. It is a big way to inspire others and let others get to know your vision and opinion about the things you love the most. In my case this is fashion and styling. When you have a true passion for the subject(s) you are blogging about and are highly motivated to succeed you are half way there! If you want to bring your blog to a higher level and make money with your blog it is key to do your research! So that was a reason I couldn’t miss this event.  Learning and getting inspired by many successful fashion insiders and the opportunity to network with other bloggers, companies and brands. I’ve been writing non stop at this event so my little leopard notebook is full with great tips and tricks.

Here are some of the key tips to success

  • –          Make sure your blog has strong content
  • –          Post frequently and often
  • –          Promote your blog as much as you can (online and offline)
  • –          Go to events, make sure you’ll be seen at important events in your branche
  • –          Work and connect with other bloggers, not only in your interest but help others too
  • –          Do your research (other blogs/promoting your blog/how-to photoshop/ photography skills/etc.)
  • –          Dare!! (approach pr agencies/ approach brands you would like to co-operate with etc.)
  • –          Build your portfolio/ Media Kit
  • –          Make sure you have a clear vision of your goal, specializing in one certain aspect
  • –          Make it you, make it unique!
  • –          Keep a close eye on your blog statistics
  • –          To gain more followers on social media (promote, post as often as you can, follow other relevant people with the same interests)
  • –          Network A LOT!!
  • –          Work hard
  • –          Make your personal action plan
  • –          Invest in your blog, especially in the beginning when you just started making money, reinvest it in your blog!


‘’Get bigger, get better!’’ –ilovefashionbloggers

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2 Discussion to this post

  1. Lyn says:

    Heel tof en lief dat je dit deelt!
    Moet echt wel interessant en tof zijn :)
    xo Lyn

    • nadia says:

      Hey Lyn :)!
      Ja natuurlijk! Ik hoop dat jij en ook andere bloggers er wat aan zullen hebben! Het was zeker heel leuk en leerzaam!



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