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How To Host The Perfect Party

March 24, 2014

miniatuur birthday

As my facebook followers might already know, my birthday is March the first. This weekend I got to celebrate my birthday with my girls. I slaved my way in the kitchen all day to make homemade sushi, decorated cupcakes, sandwiches, delicious cocktails and more. But I can tell you it was more than worth it! The best effort is the effort you put in. Being creative and making things by yourself will make sure your party will be unique and outstanding when it comes to the appetizers/snacks/party food etc. And besides it is so much fun to make and create your own cupcakes/dishes and customize them to your wishes. You also can do a theme and make sure all the food and drinks will fit the chosen theme. When you host a party for a small group, make sure you know what your guests like so you won’t do all the effort for dishes they eventually don’t like.  Here is a short post to show you how we’ve got to celebrate it. I’ll post more lifestyle posts on the blog soon because I love cooking and baking and I would love to share some of my favourite recipes with all you guys.  xoxo


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