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Green Military Blazer

December 9, 2014


So I must say this is one of my fav looks, I wore my leather fringe skirt with some killer heels and topped it off with this gorgeous green military blazer. I really think a good blazer is such a must in every girl’s closet! A nice blazer is such a power item, it fits with every style. No matter if you love to dress casual then you can pair them with some distressed boyfriend jeans and sneakers.

Or if you love to dress more sexy and elegant then you could wear it on gorgeous bodycondress with a pair of classy heels! If you prefer a mix of the above then you could wear it like I did. This double breasted green blazer and this specific fabric-texture gives such a military feel to it. The high heels and leather fringe skirt make this outfit a bit more sexy, combine it with a nice hat and basic black top  and this outfit is perfect for during the day or night in my opinion!

Skirt (similar here
Blazer (similar here
Shoes (similar here
Top (similar here
Hat (similar here














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7 Discussion to this post

  1. Ley says:

    Hee Nadia,

    Ik ben erg benieuwd waar je die roze gucci sjaal van hebt.
    Zou je me dit kunnen laten weten?


    • nadia says:

      Hey Ley,

      Ik heb hem vorig jaar van mijn vriend gekregen met kerst! Die heeft hem van Paul Warmer in Amsterdam. Maar in de Gucci boetiek wordt die ook nog verkocht als het goed is!


  2. Cristiana says:

    You’re so so pretty and stylish! There’s not one single outfit of your’s that I don’t like <3
    Please check out my blog and tell me what you think! It would be an honor!

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